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  • Published on Sunday, 02 November 2008
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When you move you have to manage with all your stuff ,big items is one of them.It is not so easy to pack and move them ,but it is not impossible.

You have some opportunities -to sale your old home with all your stuff in,to make a small bazar in front of your house ,to make a present to some poor people or to take everything with you.The last option need serious preparation.

It is really hard to take care for your big items ,even enourmous by yourself.But you can help for the organization.Make a list with all your furniture and give it to the removal company you have chosen.This will help them to figure out how much place it will take and will ensure you that nothing will be missing after the removal.

The other thing which is recomended is to prepare your furniture for the moving process.Take care of all your kitchen appliances and not only.How?!Below some useful advices.

Your refrigarator

Turn off your fridge al least two days before the day of moving.Clean it and keep it dry till the removal.This will prevent it from rusting,must and bad smell.

Your stove

Clean your stove with a special sibstitute and cover the hot-plate with a special cover or just a piece of cloth in reason to protect it from scratches.Some stoves has its own hung-top so you just put it over.Clean the oven to and tak out the plug in reason to not curve.

The Wardrobes

Take out all your clothes and shoes and clean the wardrobe with a special polisher.You can also buy form the near store a special fragrance to put inside in reason to prevent the wood from bug's attack.If there are some shelves inside-take it away for packing.Hangers and drawers (empty) too.If you have a mirror on the door of your wardrobe put a special paper to prevent it from damages and point in the list you made that this wardrobe has fragile parts.

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