Moving with your pet

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  • Published on Saturday, 13 December 2008
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Every second family in UK has its own pet.Dogs,cats,fishes,parrot even some exotic animals.Certainly your pet is a member of your family and you love it too much.One day you have to move to another city and there is no way to explain to your pet why his /her bowl will be in a different place and all around will have a differen view.Of course you can share with him/her-animals sometimes understand everything even better comparing to the humans.But the best way to show the pet that something will change his lif is to go with him to your new place.Fos sure yoou will go to see your new home for several times to arrange all for your moving.Take your pet.This is useful if you have a dog or cat-animals who can  walk besie you.Show him the new rooms,the kitchen ,the garden (if you have some),the entrance.You can even walk around the quarter with him.Talk to him.Yes the dog or the cat will not answer you but for sure will see the differences.In the moving day take it close with you in the car.If you are really upset that your pet will not use with the new place you can discuss this with your veterinary surgeon.In fact as you would like to feel good and safe in your new home,the same will be with your pet,so take care of him/her in reason all of you to enjoy your new home.

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