Double check

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  • Published on Saturday, 13 December 2008
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The date of your moving is tomorrow.What to do before going to bed and think that everything is arranged.Double check!Yes do it.This is safe your nervs and double work next day.Take a walk around all the rooms and check if everything is packed,labeled and no box is broken because of some sharpen edge.Check the list with your inventory.Make sure that all the boxes around the rooms are places in the middle but not in the traffic area-each box have to be reachable for the movers.Double check your documents,values.Look at the kids room again if they have prepare everything.Nothing should be out of the boxes and not to have some open boxes.Double check even the alarm clock in reason to be in time.This double check is recommended in reason to prevent you from being in chaos in the next day.When everything is double-checked you can be sure that there will be no problems both for your fanily and the moving company.Now you are ready for the moving day!

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