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  • Published on Sunday, 14 December 2008
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Sometimes to trace your rouf of is an important point in the moving process.High traffic areas will delay the moving van and you will be late with the exact hour.Of course there is a way to avoid this situation.You can make a research which are the high traffic streets around your new quarter in the new city.Take a map and marked them with red color which will means that these are restricted areas and the moving van is not recommended to drive there.Find alse some low traffice streets which will not cause a delate.Mark them on the map with blue color which will means that the truck is good to use this trace.While checking in the map for a suitalbe way to drive over you can also see if these streets are allowed for big vans and trucks.If there are no prohibitions you can include them in your trace.The other important point which you have to look for is if there are some one way streets among those which you markes with blue.No railways and barriers.After finishing all the above mentioned you can give your trace to the moving company and to ask them if they agree to use it.It is good to speak directly with the truck driver because he is most awared with the traffic and good streets to drive on.

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