The movers are here

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  • Published on Monday, 15 December 2008
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Sometimes it happen that you have preparing for the moving day so long time and when the day comes you just don't know which were the steps to follow on.Don't panic!This is the best advice!Panic will cause chaos and this might be a failure fr your moving.If you have follow all the instructions for empty parking and enough place for the moving van with open boot and all the movers around-you have really strictly observed the first step.Nothing delays and is according your plan.Don't allow something else to fail the big event.Follow the advice not to panic.Second step is to make a quick round walk with the movers and show them each room and the way to the entrance.It is good to be sure that the boxes are placed in one of corners of each room in reason not to be an obstacle for the movers walking around in the traffic areas.Look after the kids that they are at good distance somewhere in the yard or in the garden and not messing with the movers.Search for your dog or cat and be sure that he/she is in her place ready to be moved.If you have an empty of boxes closet leave your pet there because the people around may stressed him/her.Make sure that the path marked from your entrance to the boot of the truck has no objects on it.No spread around boxes,the ball of your smaller boy and no neighbours to ask stupid question.

If you have observed all the above the moving will be quick,good and no problems will not  arise.Everybody will be happy and no nervous situations will come out during the time of moving.

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