Things that you may forget

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  • Published on Tuesday, 16 December 2008
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Moving sometimes might be stressful and all this hurry and busy moments makes you nervous.In this sitution it is normal to forget for something although it will remind you for itself later.While checking your items you can thunk of if there are some which you have borrowed from friends,relatives or neighbours.Make sure that you know which is yours and which might be to your friend Jane.Whilst packing it will be the proper moment to look for such items.If you have some books from the library collect them and go to return because later it will cost you some money to send it by a currier for an example or to drive hours till you reach your old place.You can also ask your kids if they forget to turn back some movie rentals.If there is a problem to find them you should pay for them which is not so pleasing  moment for you.Oh,the dry cleaning.Don't leave your suits there.Check your wardrobe and if your red dress is not there be sure that it is still waiting fro your in the dry cleaning.Your husband's black suit which you have been searching for so long time should be there too.Go and take them in reason to avoid more problems in future.

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