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  • Published on Wednesday, 17 December 2008
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Weekends are not the most appropriate days for your moving.No utilities are working -may be it happens in Saturdays because of an extra working hours-but generally weekends are work off days.If you can avoid to move during this time you will be able to prevent from waiting to contact your local utilities or even to watch cable TV.But you can use the weekend before the moving day ,especially if the day is Monday,to go to your new place by your car and bring some of your personnels items there.As it is supposed there are a list of item which you will need for the firts night in your new home.You can also double check the parking area and the quarter for busy traffic.In your new home you may check the lights ,the security system,the gas and even if the neighbours like you in the firts minutes of your arrival.These are things that you may not enough time to check if you come together with the moving van.In fact you can bind your free time during the weekend with really important points in your arrival.

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