Last minute

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  • Published on Wednesday, 07 January 2009
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The movers are allready all around your  home,boxes are being moved out to the moving van.You are going from one room to another and follow the procedure.Everyone and evrything is in action.You are the director of this sceene and you have to look for some things that may appear in the last minute.Some boxes might be broken ,the children are eating the sadwiches you made for the travelling to your new home,or worst someone may injure himself.In reason to avoid all the above unpleasant situations you have to keep an eye for everything and think over the situations that may arise .Have in mind that all this is happening really fast and there can be a moment when you have to be in two places at the same time.This is the work of the dorector-to manage everyone and everything.So get in action.Put the basket with the food for your travelling in the car and take the keys with you.If you have allrealy made the double check of the boxes placed in each room don't bother to do this again if you suspect the box in the bottom which seems to you not so good packed.Take away all sharp items which are around your home-even the keys and your personal stuff.Have in mind that children often are real inventors and this may cause you some problems and lost time.

If your are careful enough you will prevent you and your family from any bad situations like the above mentioned.You will also be sure that there will be no delay of the moving process and all is according your plans.

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