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  • Published on Thursday, 08 January 2009
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   You have a lovely angle room which you have made to a study where you arranged your meetings,you are reading,learning and all you want to do alone or with special guests.But now you are moving and you should think how to make the same cozy study in your new home using th same firniture,bureau ,big leather chair and the small glass table you use to drink your drink.All these item should be in the list with the big items in your home.You have a personnel computer,printer,phone and even scanner in your study.Packing all these stuff require caution and careful actions.It is good if you can arrange the removal of your study before all other rooms.This will cost you much more  time but all your items will be safe and there will be no risk to be damaged.Packing all the big items is a procedure you can execute by yourself or your moving company to hadle this.Inform them for your intentions.Before the advanced small moving day you have to arrange your new home for your study.Label really carful the boxes and compulsory make an inventory list.Use labes as fragile,heavy,breakable and all necessary instructions for the movers.Put a list with the content  on the front side of each box.This will ensure the safe moving of your wonderful study to your new home.

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