Online auction

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  • Published on Sunday, 18 January 2009
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Before you start to pack your belongings try to get rid of all the items you will not need at your new home.Make a list and try to find the best and easy way to move them out of your packing process.You can make a garage sale or donate them.But this will cost you much more time and efforts and you will spend at least one whole day to handle with the garage sale.To avoid loosing any highly esteemed time you can organize an online auction.Check in internet for some suitable sites.When you choose one and have allready registered you have to expose the goods you want to sale.Take some pictures of the items from your list.Upload them in the site.You have to quote prices -have in mind that second hand goods have half or lower price comparing with the new one.You can also make a short decription of your goods.Leave also a note concerning the way of delivery and payment.You can choose between online payment and bank transfer.Delivery can be : take the goods from your home address;or delivery by a courier for customer's cost.Leave an e-mail or phone number for feedback.The expiry date of the auction is an important notice.You can publish your goods for sale one or two moths before you move out.

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