Move your piano

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  • Published on Tuesday, 20 January 2009
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To move a piano out of your home assumed planning,organizing and really precise work.First of all you have to ask your moving company if they will handle with the move of the piano out of your old home and in at your new home.If they agree -everything is solved.Extra charge is real possibility because of the dimensions of the item.Pianos are realy large and awkwardly shaped.This makes them difficult for moving from place to place.If your moving agent refuses to take care for your piano you have to search for a piano movers.These companies are specialists and will provide you an  expert help.Most of all they will move your piano without any damage.Nevermind who will move the piano ,even you-you have to  бbe rpudent concerning the space you have at your new home and the exact size of your piano.It will be  pretty unpleasant when piano movers  step in your new home and realize that the corner you choose to place the piano is not suitable and too small.Because of that you can use the piano manual and some sketches to predict the possible misunderstandings.Check the measurements at the manual and inform the movers.

If it happen to move your piano by yourself make sure to look for some friends to help you.You certainly will need at least four healthy men without any back problems.Supply them with gloves:this will prevent their hands from any injury and the surface of the piano.Cover the piano with a plastic or some other material.Make sure that there are no bumps along the route to your door.Be caraful.

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