Move the library

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  • Published on Tuesday, 03 February 2009
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You love to read and have an impressive library.Packing all the books from your collection will take you some time and because of that you should predict this fact in advance.If the movers are packing for you it will be necessary to inform them for the size of your library including the shelves.Books are heavy items and movers should organize their packing and loading in the most safe and proper way.But if packing is waiting you here are some general tips concerning books.If you want to group them according their subject do this before packing.Do not fill the box with books only.They are really have when gathered in one place.Do not use large boxes.The way of arranging inside the box is also important.You should make a special arrangement.Put something soft at the bottom of the box -this can be a pillow,textile items or padding material.Over this layer put one horizontal row with books.After that two or three columns (depends on the size of the books and the box)) of books.On the top one row with books and padding material final.Label with sticker "Heavy".

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