Full service mover

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  • Published on Sunday, 15 February 2009
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If you have allready decided usig a full-service mover this will include packing team to come into your home.Because of this fact you have to be prepared in advance.Don't think that you can just sit and wait the movers to do thing instead of you.You also cannot afford to wait the movers to take out all yout stuff out of the wardrobes ,drawers,lofts and closets.No,this is supposed to be your duty.Empty all the wardrobes ad put the clothes in pales ready for packing.The same for each room.The movers are not obliged to remind you not to forget something.Yes,they will advice you to double check ,but just once after they seem to finish with your packing.You have to take of the darpers and curtains from the windows,including the rails.Have in mind to make an inventory sheet and follow the movers in their work without be a an obstacle for them.You can also make a quick tour around the house together with the packing team in reason to orientate them how much work they should handle with.

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