Pack the Fragile items safely

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  • Published on Sunday, 12 October 2008
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Packing fragile items safely is one of the most important aspects of keeping these items intact during the moving process. There are numerous packing methods which can guarantee the safety of your fragile possessions. Items made from glass are very delicate. They require additional packing materials in order to safeguard them from damage. When it comes to packing, these items should be wrapped in bubble wrap. This packing material is ideal because it prevents fragile items like glass from shattering. You should wrap any fragile items in bubble wrap before placing them in a removal box. Bubble wrap is affordable, so, donít worry if you require lots of it! Using bubble wrap is very easy. All you have to do is lay out a sheet of bubble wrap on a flat surface, place your fragile item in the centre of the bubble wrap and, wrap the bubblewrap around the item. You can secure the bubble wrap by using tape. This will ensure that the bubble wrap stays in place during the moving process. You can use string to secure bubble wrap as well. If you do, you should tie the string firmly at the bottom and, the top of the fragile item that is wrapped in the bubble wrap for the best results.
Once you have completed this stage of the packing process youíll be ready to place your delicate items into a removal box. You should always place items into removal boxes carefully, even when they are already wrapped in bubble wrap. For extra protection during the moving process you can use shredded paper. This packing material is very handy when it comes to packing fragile items safely as well. Ideally, you should place shredded paper into your removal box before placing your fragile items into the box. Youíll have to use your judgement when it comes to how much shredded paper youíll need. Generally filling your removal box with a reasonable amount of shredded paper should be enough. Using a combination of bubble wrap and, shredded paper is the perfect way to pack your fragile items safely. Some items are more delicate than others, so, using a combination of these packing materials is also very wise. If you decide to not use bubble wrap, you can still fill your removal boxes with just shredded paper. This packing method is not suitable for extremely fragile items. Shredded paper does offer additional protection which is why it should be used along with bubble wrap. 
Foam sheeting is another excellent packing material for fragile items. This works in the exact same way as bubble wrap does. If you opt to use foam sheeting, you should secure both ends of your fragile item once it is wrapped in the foam sheeting with tape, or, string. Once you have packed your fragile items into removal boxes, you should always handle these boxes carefully. You can also label these boxes as a reminder that they should be handled carefully as well. Never pack multiple heavy and, delicate items into one removal box. If you can, you should only place one, or, two, fragile items into a removal box. This will ensure that the items do not break during the moving process. Packing fragile items correctly will completely reduce the risk of any damage occurring during the moving process. You should follow these methods if you are packing fragile items. If you do not use the right packing materials, your fragile items are more likely to shatter, or, break which would be a disaster! Packing fragile items is very easy and, when it is done correctly you can be confident that your fragile possessions will remain in perfect condition when you move.

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