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  • Published on Thursday, 11 December 2008
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There are certain items that cannot be transported into a moving van. Some of these items require specialist removal, so, when it comes to moving it is very useful to know which items are not allowed to be packed into a standard removal van. Heavy and, very large objects for example will exceed the weight limit of a standard removal van. Safety is very important when it comes to the removal of your personal belongings, so, requesting to have these items placed into a removal van is not a very good idea. These items are probably very difficult to shift, even by hand, so, exceptionally large and, heavy items should not be placed into a standard removal van that is not large enough, or, able to accommodate the weight of these objects. If you do need to have large, heavy objects removed you should check in advance that the removal van you have hired will be able to transport these items. It would be a disaster if your moving day was delayed because your belongings were too large, or, too heavy to for the removal van.
Commercial removal vans are ideal for domestic and, office moves. These vans are capable of transporting furniture and, personal belongings quickly and, easily. It is not common for these types of vans to transport exceedingly large and, heavy items. It is also important to remember that the type of move will dictate what items can be packed into a moving van and, transported. Domestic and, office moves will not require the removal of exceptionally large and, heavy items. Other things you are not allowed to pack into a removal van include items that require refrigeration during the moving process. These items need to be maintained at a certain temperature during the transportation process, so, if you have any items that need to be kept at a certain temperature-you will not be able to pack them into a standard removal van. These items will most likely need to be transported in a specialist removal van instead, or, stored in a temperature controlled unit where they can be kept at a specific temperature until they can be moved in an appropriate van. Some moves require the transportation of hazardous chemicals. These types of moves are not typical domestic moves, or, office moves either. Attempting to pack these items into a moving van will not be allowed because these vans are not equipped to cope with transporting these items. These are items which are perfect examples of what you are not allowed to pack into a standard moving van.
Some items cannot legally be transported. These items require legal authorization to be moved and, they can only be moved once this authorization has been granted. Removal vans can transport almost any item except for certain ones, so, you should remember to check with your removal company about things you are not allowed to pack into a removal before your move goes ahead. If you fail to do this, your removal van will not be able to transport the items you want to move with which will be an inconvenience. By simply checking what items can be placed into a commercial removal van and, which ones cannot youíll be able to ensure that your moving day will go as smoothly as possible because you will be able to move with every single item youíll need. Donít be discouraged if you find that you will not be able to pack certain things into your removal van. Some standard removal vans can be fitted with tow bars which can make it possible to transport very large objects for example, so, there are alternative ways to transport items that you are not allowed to pack into a removal van.

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