Frozen food

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  • Published on Saturday, 17 January 2009
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Packing your frozen food is not an option.

But if you have your big freezer full-you cannot just put in the trash all the food from inside.You have to find a solution of this matter.

It is important where you are moving.If your destination will be reached in the next 24 hours you can use some plastic bags for the frozen food and put inside some boxes.Label with first to be unpacked and inform the movers where to stack these boxes.

But if you are moving farway you can just try to eat all these food before you move out or load the freezer in the moving van.First of all discuss this point with your moving agent.It is possible to have and extra charge for the freezer if you didn't mentioned it in your inventory sheet.Also inform him for the content of the freezer.If everything is ok and you will use this way to transport your frozen provisions you have to be sure that the frezeer has reached his deep-freeze temparature.

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