Pack the lapms

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  • Published on Saturday, 31 January 2009
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Packing a lamp is simple but precise procedure.You have to be careful while wrapping it with paper or textile material.First of all take away the bulbs.If you have a main body and a lampshade-separate them and pack each other.If there are some wires protruding outside the body wrap them with double-layer paper.Pack the main body of the lamp with paper and twist it around.The lampshade you can pack with simple paper and fill the inside part with old newspapers.This will protect it from any damage while loading to the moving van and trvalling.Do not put the lamp pieces directly on the bottom of the box.Put some padding material or textile items to soften the bottom.Lay down the pieces carefullu and fill the free spaces with linens or pillows.Put lables "Fragile" and "First to unpack" You can also use a coloured marker and write at the front part of the box "Lamps".These labels will be a great instructions for the movers.

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