Luggage stuff

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  • Published on Thursday, 05 February 2009
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Big or small briefcases,suitcases and rucksacks gould become a great packing supplies.These are items which you will add to your moving household for sure.Do not move them empty!You will loose an usefull and pretty safe space.Collect all luggage stuff you have and determinate how much space you have and how to use it.The suitcase are suitable for your cloths,linens and any type of textile items.You can also pack inside some sport equipment as you did it while preparing for a vacation.Use the briefcase for your papers and value documents,some personal stuff.Rucksacks can be a good and safe place for small items and gadgets.Nevermind that these are not boxes you should label them too.Inform the mover for their content and do not forget to tighthen them well.Instruct the mover if they should arrange the suitcases down or up ,face or bottom up and down.This depends on the content.

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