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  • Published on Thursday, 12 February 2009
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Inventory sheet is an important stage at the sceen of your move.There are two types of inventory sheets.First is the inventory sheet where you will list all your stuff.This list will include the number of your items,description of the condition and special notes (if necessary),labeling,number of boxes,weight.You should provide this sheet to the moving company.Here comes the other one inventory sheet -the mover's one.It will contain your full inventory discription and all other necessary information.The difference will appear in some special signs and abbreviations.You can see a model list below:

BE- Bent 1. Arm
BR- Broken 2. Bottom
BU- Burned 3. Corner
CH- Chipped 4. Front
CU- Contents & condition unknown 5. Left
D- Dented 6. Leg
F- Faded 7. Rear
G- Gouged 8. Right
L- Loose 9. Side
M- Marred 10. Top
Ml- Mildew 11. Veneer
MO- Moth eaten 12. Edge
R- Rubbed 13. Center
RU- Rusted 14. Seat
SC- Scratched 15. Drawer
SH- Short 16. Inside
SO- Soiled 17. Outside
T- Torn 18. Door
W- Badly worn  
Z- Cracked

This kind of legend will help you to understand what means this: 

Kitchen table 8,6,BR (which means that the right leg of the kitchen table is broken)                         

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