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  • Published on Sunday, 15 February 2009
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Before starting to pack your home you will need to supply with some helpful tools and materials.If you intent to use a new one and go shopping you will meet some special expressions and names of the materials.To make your choice easier please see the list below which contents some designations and descriptions.

  • Packing adhesive -you will need this material to stick bottoms and tops of the boxes,tighthen them and even stick the rolled on and wrapped carpets.There are several types of adhesive and you can choose one or more depending on your needs and stuff for packing:

           -sace sealing adhesive:can be used for sealing closure flaps ;resist heat and moisture

          -adhesive dispensers:carton sealing and wood working

         -labeling adhesive

        -structural adhesive:you can supply with some because it is useful for move in your new home and unpacking -to bond some broken pieces and joints

  • Corrugated packing supplies

      -corrugated boxes

      -corrugated rolls: they can act as a wrapping paper,great for separating items and wrapping cylindric items;also protecting cabinets and furniture ;cut-to-size dividers

    -corrugated sheets:you can use them for as a cover or put them at the bottom and over cardbords in reason to protect your furniture ; it keeps the top od the items from any damage ,dampness and dust

  • Labeling

      -custome labeling

      -color labels and stickers

  • Strapping supplies

      -steep strapping:you can use these kind of adhesive stroing tape for automatic machines and tools and arounf corners of all kind of items,crates or cartons ;especially for wrapping the cardboards for protection in transit

     -steel tensioners:you can use this material for protection boxes,the tensioner pushes  agains the seal without any piece of the tool coming between the strap and the package

  • Protective materials

      -bubble wrap

      -air bags

     -loose fill

     -paper: acid free,waterproof

      -padding materials

  • Packing tapes

       -gum tape:this tape will nond even the dusty surfaces so you can use it for the garage,loft and shed items

  • Have in mind that you will also need: container seal,wire buckles,marking pen,roll of twine,cardboards,metal folio sheets,some insulation materials like styrofoam for your fragile items.

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