Help your kids with the moving

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  • Published on Friday, 14 November 2008
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Kids may find the entire moving process daunting. If you and, your kids are moving for the first time moving can be a daunting experience for them-and for you as well! Whether you and, your kids are moving for the first time, or, not you should help your kids with the moving. This will enable them to feel more comfortable about the move. Theyíll also feel like they are a part of the whole moving experience-with your help of course! One way in which youíll be able to help your kids when it comes to moving is to explain the packing process to them. This is the perfect time to explain to your kids about why they wonít be able to bring certain items with them when they move. Things like old toys for example, or, clothing. This will help your kids to understand what the packing process is all about if you donít need to pack any things they no longer use, or, need. This will ensure that they wonít become upset if you choose not to pack any of these items. Checking which items your kids want to bring along with them on the day of the move is also an excellent way to help them to feel like they have some kind of input in the moving process which will help them.

You should involve your children in the packing process as well. Ask them which personal items they want to bring with them when the family moves. This can be done by just simply placing these items into separate removal boxes. Unwanted belongings should all go into the same box and, the items that your kids do not want to take whit them when the family moves should be placed into a different removal box. Another great idea when it comes to helping your kids with the move is to decorate the removal boxes with fun stickers, glitter-whatever they want! This is also a great way to help your kids with the moving because, the packing process will then feel like a fun activity. Other ways you can help your kids with the move is to ensure that they are happy with the move. Moving can be a very scary time for children because most moves usually mean moving to a brand new area. Your kids may be feeling anxious about moving and, attending a new school. You can help your kids to feel positive about the move by explaining everything you can about what their new home will be like and, what their new school is going to be like as well. Helping your kids with moving in this way will make it easier for them to adjust to their new surroundings when the family moves.
Informing your kids about important details of the move like when the move will take place will also help your kids with the moving. You can turn this into an engaging activity. Use a pen to circle the date of the move on a calendar and, encourage your kids to use stickers to mark off each day leading up to the move. This will help your kids your kids to feel more excited about moving which is another wonderful way to help your kids with moving. Helping your kids moving using any of these tips and, tactics will ensure that when it comes to the day of the move they will feel fully prepared. Your kids are more likely to appreciate your help leading up to the move because you will have made the moving process an interactive and, interesting experience for them. Helping your kids with the moving is the best way to ensure that they will enjoy the experience just as much as you.

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