The housekeeper

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  • Published on Wednesday, 14 January 2009
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Most of the households have their housekeepers-which is pretty normal.In the time when you have decided to move -inform her/him.This should happen one or two months in advance.Be polite and explain your housekeeper what is the real situatuion.If you have a personnel gardener-you have to inform him too.Sometimes housekeepers use family's house as an accomodation.In this case you have to inform her for the move may be three months before the day of moving.If she is a foreigner and you are moving to a close town you can offer her to come with you.You can also make a suggestion to  your housekeeper to help you with the moving.She is aware with all your stuff and knows the place of each item so it will be very easy for her to participate in the packing.You can also offer her to do the final cleaning of the house and pay her for the additonal job.To be the best boss for your housekeeper you can make her a present and some extra sallary for the best job she had done for your house and family.You can even make a special dinner and gather all the family member.Housekeepers are as a member of the family and should be respected for her job and skills.

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