Knowing the Three Types of Moving Insurance

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  • Published on Friday, 28 August 2009
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Knowing the Three Types of Moving Insurance

When planning a move, there is one important thing that you should not miss—getting a moving insurance. Take note that moving alone is already a burden. Just imagine the stress caused by worrying about the safety of your possessions. Hence, getting a moving insurance can alleviate the hardship brought by moving.
Apparently, getting a moving insurance is not only a smart idea but actually a must to keep you secured in case one of your belongings met an accident.
When getting a moving insurance, take note that there are three types of moving insurances: full value; released value; and third-party.

 Full Value. As its name implies, this types of insurance will cover your entire belongings. However, you can also expect that this is the most expensive and comprehensive plan. But you can also trust that this can put more pressure on the movers to observe more caution when moving your things.
 Released Value. If you are in a tight budget; then, this is the most suitable moving insurance for you. However, this is also the most vulnerable one. In fact, this type of insurance is not able to provide you enough benefit.
 Third-Party. If you prefer to get the released insurance, you may also be allowed to get third-party insurance. Here, the mover will be responsible to pay for the 60 cents for each pound of every item. Then, you can recover the other losses from the third party company where you purchased the separate insurance from.  

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