Classic but Forgotten Tips for Easier Moving

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  • Published on Saturday, 29 August 2009
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Classic but Forgotten Tips for Easier Moving

Moving is always a part of a family’s life. And because of that, many people have created various ways on how to move easily. Some of these tips have even been done for ages. People just forgot that their effectiveness because of more and more moving options we have now.

Here are some tips you can do for easier moving:

 Appraise what you really need. Don’t throw away things that might be needed in the future. For example, you might want to change your mattress. But do you have a mattress or the money to buy a new one? If not, then keep that old mattress.
 Appraise valuable items. The standard insurance covers common possessions up to a certain amount. But you can also start to appraise your other expensive items before they get damaged on the road.
 Have a garage sale. This is done by almost all families planning to move. Aside from cleaning up your house for unneeded thing, you can also earn from doing that.
 Visit a thrift store. Not all items in the garage sale will surely sell. For unsalable items, your next best choice is a thrift store. Just give away items that you don’t need and couldn’t sell.
 Close bank accounts. Know if you bank has a branch to your new place. If not, you better close your account there.
 Clean the new house before moving. The moving day will surely be a hassle. Arriving in a clean house will ease some of your stress. So better clean and arrange as much as you can in your new house before you move. You can ask you kids, friends, or spouse to help you with the cleaning.

Moving is really stressful but you can always lessen the stress level you might experience by doing these tips.

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