Avoiding Moving Scams

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  • Published on Wednesday, 02 September 2009
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Even, or should we say ‘especially’, in this time of financial crisis, there are those who seek to prey on hapless individuals looking for a deal. After all, there’s nothing wrong with looking for someone who gives cheap services.

The same goes with movers. Scammers abound online, and while there are also legitimate and trustworthy movers out there, the key is being able to distinguish one from the other.

One red flag that you should look out for are companies with no websites or very little information in the website. Usually these companies advertise through job posting and services sites  and put only a number and / or email address you can contact.

Legit companies will agree to a home or office on-site inspection to get a better estimate on charges and fees. They will also have everything  in paper – one copy for you and one copy for them. Nothing is agreed upon verbally so simply through email. Legit companies will always have legit papers to establish a paper trail for easy tracking.

The general rule is to look out for deals that seem to be too good to be true. Legit companies offer deal as well, but when everything’s rock-bottom, chances are the service and the company is rock bottom as well. Any moving company worth its salt will never under price their services; as everyone knows that quality comes with a price. 

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