DIY Move

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  • Published on Friday, 04 September 2009
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Renting your own vans or moving trucks and storage is a good way of cutting down on costs – as you won’t need to pay for crewmen. This is really advisable if you’re familiar with the place you’re moving into and the way to get there from your old home or apartment, and if you have enough warm bodies to help you with your things.

One tip for a do it yourself move would be to maximize the space you have – in terms of the vans or trucks you’re going to rent. Try to have make some allowances in the van or truck size, so that you don’t have to force everything into the truck on moving day or make multiple trips back and forth. Gas is quite expensive, so it’s best to either hire a big truck or rent a couple of vans (provided you have a driver for each one) so that you don’t need to spend gas on return trips. Also, going back to extra space, it’s much better to have some extra space in the van instead of having too little, so don’t script out too much on the zie of the van you’re going to hire.

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