Excellent Tips on Moving Pets to the New House

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  • Published on Sunday, 06 September 2009
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Pets like dogs and cats need substantial attention, like humans, when they are being moved out to a new place.  In fact, they are more fragile to travel compared to your belongings because these pets have become part of the family.  The following are the suggested tips on how to excellently move the pets to the new house without being stressed and problematic:

When possible, consult your veterinarian. Veterinarians have a better a way of handling pets in moving out situations.  They can suggest on how they should be fed hours before they will be traveled in a car; they can suggest if there is a need to place the pets inside a personalized cage (as pets become aggressive when they are stressed).  Make sure that you have all the pet things (dog food and water, clothes, if they have any, medicines and vitamins) in a single package for easy location. This is more relevant when the travel is going to be long all the way to the new house.  Place your pets near the window but don’t let them peep into the window.  The eyes of the pets are very sensitive to dust.

These basic guidelines in transporting pets to the new house can help you ease the problems entailed in moving out. 

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