How to Find a Cheaper Van for Rent

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  • Published on Thursday, 10 September 2009
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Whether you are moving houses or simply moving some of your things, renting a van is inevitable. The more things you have the more that you need a van to transport them. It is roomier so it is easier to load boxes in it. There are also lesser chances of boxes toppling over so your belongings would be safer.

To find a cheaper van, you simply have to take time to compare rates. A list of van rentals can be found on the Internet and on the Yellow Pages so it’s easy to find them. Just make sure that you are comparing comparable rates. For instance, many rates are based on the length of time you’re going to use the van. Some may also charge a fixed rate for the first couple of hours and then they charge by the hour for every hour or extra usage.

If you are going to use the van longer, the latter would usually come out cheaper. However, if you are only going to use it for an hour or two you would end paying less using the hourly rate.

Of course, promotions also happen especially during off peaks days. You can avail those discounts or look for coupons both online and offline. So again, it is important that you make your search earlier. This will give you enough time to look for the van rental company that can give you the best deal.

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