How to Tell Teenagers that You are Moving out to a New Place

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  • Published on Saturday, 12 September 2009
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Teens are more often more attached to their place because they have essentially built a life on that community.  This is the reason why moving out to a new place is never an easy fact to accept for most teens.  The idea of moving out to a new place is not only a scary thing for them but causes them more troubled and sleepless nights.  Below are some of the helpful insights on how to tell teens that you are moving out to a new place:

Open communication.  Teens like adults have the right to know details. They, too, like the adults, need the chance to speak out what they have in their minds.  You can only allow them to speak out if you offer them the avenue to do so.  And you can do this opening all channels of communication to them.  Do not forget to make them feel that you understand what they feel about the idea of moving out.  Teens need to know that you empathize with them.  When possible, it is always best to show them that you, too, are having a difficult time to grasp the whole idea but stress the fact that it is needed.  Let the teens get involved with whatever is happening. Making the teens involved on the whole process – decision-making, moving out planning, and all sorts – allow them to accept the idea a lot faster. 

Remember that the challenge of moving out is not only dependent on how you can efficiently transport all your things.  Most importantly, you need to know how you can make your family members agree with the whole idea of moving out. 

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