Packing with Less Worry

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  • Published on Wednesday, 16 September 2009
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Packing should be done with system. You don’t simply pick something and then place it inside the box. There should be a system. Stuff from every room should be packed separately, from the bedrooms, living room to the kitchen.

When packing, follow the size system. Your furniture and other appliances should be placed in the boxes first followed by small items. Decorative items like paintings should be removed and then packed carefully as well. When packing delicate things that easily break; make sure that newspapers or bubble wraps are used to prevent breakage.

Properties that are no longer needed in your new home should be left behind. It might consume space in the van and takes a lot of time in packing and unpacking.

Personal and valuable items such as CD collection and jewelries should be packed personally and carefully to prevent getting them misplaced or stolen.

Make sure that there are enough supplies of boxes and other packing materials before you start packing. And as you pack things, don’t forget to label every box for ease of identification and when you do unpacking in your new home. If you follow this practical and simple to follow reminders your packing endeavor would be painless and stress-free.

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