What to Expect When Moving from the City to Small Town?

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  • Published on Thursday, 24 September 2009
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Then, you only go to small town for a vacation. But now, you will move there—for good. What’s the big deal if you’re from the big bad city and moving to a small town? It’s a big deal, actually.

You see, moving to a small town if you used to live in a big city is like undergoing rehabilitation. Just like the normal rehabilitation, you will experience withdrawal symptoms also.

So, here are the things you should expect when moving to a small town:

·       Your life may seem to be out of place in the first year. Expect to feel that because the big city has a very busy lifestyle while small towns have more relaxed environment.
·       All should be at rest before supper time. So expect that the postman has already delivered your letter before the sunset, groceries are closed before supper, and people are already at their home with their family at that time.
·       The place will be a lot more peaceful and clean than the big city. So you can expect not to be so paranoid about the street beggars, pickpockets, dirt, or vandalism.
·       Instead of busy cars or music from the bars, expect to hear a very different sound—crickets! Get used to that beautifully noisy insect as well as owls and other night animals.
·       Have your grocery early and don’t expect to have wide choices for shopping. You better use the Internet when shopping for some accessories or luxury items.

You may not be comfortable so much at first because of the very different environment. But as you stay there longer and longer, you’ll get used to it and will love it more.

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