Fragile Items and a Guide on How to Pack Them

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  • Published on Tuesday, 29 September 2009
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Every household has chinaware. If you are going to bring china to your new place, you need to pack them carefully so they will get there in one piece.

The first step in doing so is purchasing the right packing materials. It would be so much better to invest on the right packing materials than risk damaging your expensive and invaluable china. You should get sturdy boxes and bubble wraps. You would also need lots of packing peanuts, packing tapes and newspapers.

The secret about packing china is wrapping them individually before putting them in boxes. For instance, plates need to be wrapped individually in newspaper before they can be stacked. Other dishes should be wrapped in the same way. Since glasses are taller and have more curves they need to be individually wrapped in bubble wraps. This will give the glasses more protection.

The bottom of the box should be provided with a padding of newspapers. Then place as many wrapped glasses as the box could fit. Then place a cardboard box before placing the next layer of glasses. Do the same until all glasses are in or until the box is full. But before you seal the box make sure that all spaces in between are filled with bubble wraps and packing peanuts. This will keep the glasses from bumping into each other and from breaking. Plates and dishes should be secure as well so the same should be done before boxes are sealed. Once everything is cushioned and protected you should now seal the boxes using packing tapes. After that, make sure that you label them “fragile” so all the people who will handle these boxes will be careful with them.

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