The Best Techniques on Spotting and Avoiding a Moving Scam

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  • Published on Monday, 12 October 2009
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It’s true. There are moving scams out there and you might just be the next victim. Being smarter than these scammers will lead you out of the way being a scam victim.

If you will get estimate, never rely on companies giving it to you through email or over the phone. The movers should see how much they will move to give you an accurate estimate.

Also, never trust a moving company that will base their pricing per cubic feet. That is a clear sign that they are a scam. The rate should be per weight, not per cubic feet.

Visit the moving company also so you will see if that looks professional. You can see there the vehicles and other moving equipment they are using. Make sure that those logo or name of the moving company is on those vehicles and equipment. That is already a sure sign that the moving company is reputable.

To prove their legitimacy and gauge their service, it will be helpful to get some referrals. If you can, don’t ask the company to give you referrals. Search through third-party instead so you can be sure that the “referral” is not just given to fool and scam you.

Beware also of companies taking over a company that has long been in business. They might be scam dressing up with the name of the then reputable moving company.

There’s a way, or rather ways, that you can spot and avoid a scam moving company. Be furious and protect yourself against these people.

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