The Ultimate Moving Guide: The Less Stress, the Better

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  • Published on Wednesday, 14 October 2009
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Moving, per se, is already a stressful task that requires a lot out of you. Given the different tasks you’ll be needing to go through, plus the rigors and deadlines and requirements of your regular life, the less stress you go through during the move, the better.

One of the things guaranteed to make your move much less stressful is careful planning. Plan well ahead of your moving date so you have ample time to take care of all the concerns and tasks related to your move. Establish a timetable to at least serve as a guide as you go about the motions of moving.

Take care when packing your things. Proper packing will help keep your things safe and make your move much more organized. You should also pay special attention to your breakable things and reinforce the packages with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and crumpled newspaper to cushion them during transport. Also make sure to seal your boxes well and never go over the weight limit of your box.

Research will also help you achieve as much more efficient move. Research well regarding the moving company you’ll be hiring, as well as the new location you’ll be moving into – scout for places like nearby schools, groceries and other places you’ll be going to for your basic day to day needs.

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