Moving Tips: How to Pack Fragile Items

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  • Published on Wednesday, 28 October 2009
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Once you have determined your moving date, the next job you need to do is to organize your packing. Packing your things is very easy; however, what is challenging is packing your fragile items. Here are some great tips on how you can pack your fragile items to prevent any breakage.

 If you are packing picture frames and Mirrors, you will need cardboard boxes. Make sure to buy the same size as your photo frames and mirrors. Wrap them first with newspaper or bubble wrap before putting them inside the box.

For your T.V and other Tech gadgets, it is always best to use their manufacturer boxes. Do not forget to put the polystyrene foam inside the box, it will prevent from any movement during the transit.

If you have glasses and cups to pack, make sure to fill them up with tissue or newspaper and then wrap them individually using packing paper or bubble wrap, and sealing them with tape.

Tableware like plates should be wrapped individually. Make sure to stack each on top with the same size of plates. Put them inside the box and fill in with newspaper or bubble warp.

For wine bottles, unless you have expensive, irreplaceable wines, consume them before you move. For high valued wines, use the wine box and fill in some bubble wrap to prevent them from shaking excessively during transit.

These are some simple tips that you can use but could actually save your priceless and fragile items during your move. Good Luck!

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