Moving Tips: Know Your Rights in Moving Companies

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  • Published on Thursday, 29 October 2009
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When you  move, sometimes you are too indulge finding the best moving company that will suite your budget and you tend to forget your rights as a client of moving companies. Here are some of the rights that you need to remember when you hire a moving company.
If you are packing your own things, you must remember that your cargo company or moving company have the rights to inspect all your boxes. The cargo or shipping company needs to know if they are shipping anything that is illegal or explosive.
If the moving company will pack your things, you as their client, have the right to have a copy of their lists of things that they document during packing. If you are packing, you also need to provide your lists of things inside your boxes.
Remember to keep all documents that will be provided by your hired moving company for your own protection until you have settled-in in your new place. You also need to put into writing their terms and conditions on how additional charges occur.
Asking for the conditions where your bill could possibly go up will help you estimate your costs and prevent extra charges will occur.

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