Helping Your Teens Adjust to the Move

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  • Published on Thursday, 01 October 2009
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Teens normally do not welcome the idea of moving. Before revealing the news to them, expect this resistance but make sure you have the answers to their questions and concerns.

Take note that fitting in is the most important thing for your teens. They would not just let it go and readily say goodbye to friends. There might be some tantrums and whining but be patient with them. It could take some time before they get used to the ideas.

Let them talk about their concerns with you. Try as best to be patient in answering their concerns. Be understanding but try to make them understand that the move will be good for them too. Try to tell them about facts on your new hometown that would possibly make them interested on it.

To make them feel better, tell them they can always chat or call their friends anyway, you can also promise them a trip back sometime soon. With something to look forward to they will feel better.

To keep them occupied by letting them take care of their younger brothers and sisters during the preparation and during the actual move. This will keep their minds off the concerns.

Once you get to your new place, help them get adjusted to it by involving them in community activities. Encourage them to make new friends too. Other than that, just keep communication lines open and monitor their school standing. Things would also settle down in time.

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