Moving from State to State

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  • Published on Monday, 05 October 2009
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Moving from state to state is difficult especially due to the logistics needed, as well as the sheer distance involved in the move. It’s important for your own piece of mind that you be able to achieve a smooth and efficient move to minimize extra payments and fees as well as any damages or any other form of inconvenience that might put a wrinkle in your already stressful move.

1. Make concrete plans well before moving date
You need to make sure that you have a plan before you start packing and looking for movers. Establish a timetable for all the tasks that need to be done (as well as accounting for any trouble you might run into) and stick to it.

2. Research your moving company well.
Make a short list of possible companies whose policies and fees work for you. Be sure as well, to look out for companies with good feedback and adequate experience moving state to state, especially moving to the new state your new home will be in. Evaluate insurance policies and make sure that any damages sustain during transit will be covered by the insurance policy.

3. Inventory your things.
It’s always important to make a good and accurate inventory of your things so you can keep track of all of them, including their conditions, so should they sustain any damage during transport, you know. Making inventory will also help you unpack things faster at your new home.

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