Remember Not to Forget these Most Forgotten Items

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  • Published on Friday, 09 October 2009
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Even people with the best moving plan might still forget some items that are usually out of sight and mind. Worse, some of these most forgotten items are important things. You surely don’t want to return to your old address just to recover these things. Returning might not be a problem for inter-city moving. What if you’ll be moving to other state or another country?

So, here are the things that people mostly forget when they move. Remember to include these in your list:

·       Important Records. Never ever forget important records like medical history and school records. It will be a lot of a hassle if you will come back to your home town again just to get these. At least a week before you move, better process these important records so you have a copy whenever you need them.
·       Buried treasures. Remember the treasure hunting when you were just a kid? You might have those treasures buried somewhere. Think about it and make sure you have already discovered your treasure before you move.
·       Phonebooks. Better sure than worry—that should be the rule even if you memorize the telephone numbers of your friends. Although the directory assistance can help you, but that service might charge you just to get in touch with old friends.

Take some time remembering those other items that you will most likely forget. Scanning through your things will help you remember those things and make sure you list them before you forget them again.

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