Tips on How to Take the Best Photographs of Your House

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  • Published on Sunday, 08 November 2009
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If you want to sell your house online, you have to be prepared to post the best photos of it on the Internet. This will attract more interested buyers in the market to check out your property and to inquire about it.

Remove Clutter

The very first thing you should do before snapping any shot is to clean the inside and the exterior of the house. You should also remove all clutter in every room. You should trim anything that will block the view of the house. Even the cars should be removed from the garage before taking a picture.

Getting the Best Light

The quality of an image is dependent on the quality of light. For instance, the most appropriate time to take  a photograph of the exteriors of the house is at the middle of the day when the sunlight is brightest.

When taking photos of the interiors, open the blinds and draw the curtains to let more light in. It would a good idea to turn on the lights in every room as well. If possible, use an external flash to get the best lighting for the interiors. This will give your photographs vibrant colors and this will help get rid of shadows.

The Little Things That Help

Some flower arrangements in the living room and in the kitchen would make your house look more homey and more attractive. Having blue skies on the background of your house also create a great look.

Take as many pictures of every room and choose the best. Enhance and crop to improve the photos. Take close up shots of special details of the flooring or the fireplace. Take angled shots as well. The important thing is to showcase your house the best way possible.

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