What You Should Not Forget When Moving

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  • Published on Tuesday, 10 November 2009
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The tendency when you start moving is: you tend to overlook things and miss doing simple yet important things. In the end, you suffer because you make things more complicated. Worse, you spend more time, money, and effort as if you didn’t plan anything right at all.
So, the best things to do to avoid forgetting things when you move are the following:
One month before you move, you have to make reservation with the moving company of your choice. Then, settle all there is to settle like bills and other records. It’s also the time to begin your packing.
Two weeks before your move you have to file a change of address at the postal service office. Your utility providers should also be informed about your move.
A week before the move, you need to get in touch with your moving company and confirm your moving schedule. By this time, you must have finished almost all of your packing.
A day before your move, you have to check all your boxes and make sure they are all properly labeled.
On the day of the move, you have to make sure that all doors of your trucks are properly locked.

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