Five Tips to Pack Books for Moving

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  • Published on Tuesday, 17 November 2009
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Even if you are not a bookworm, for sure, there are some essential books that you do not want to leave behind when you move. The sad part is, however, books are so heavy that carrying all of them through a moving company will surely add so much cost. That is why you should only pack the books that are essential to you.

Aside from that, these essential books should be packed well. Here are the tips on how you can do that:

1.    Check out all the books you have and separate the ones you want and need from the useless and unwanted. You can give away those useless or unwanted books or sell them to a thrift store for a little cash.

2.    Separate books from any source of moisture, say water, or any liquid- or fluid-based possessions.

3.    Books are so heavy so they should only be packed in a sturdy box. If you have a big, sturdy plasticware, better use that to keep books.

4.    If you will use boxes to keep the books, just make sure to put packaging tape at the box’s bottom to ensure durability.

5.    Piling up books might cause damage through rubbing each other during the travel or when you unpack them. It’s a good idea to use hard cardboard to separate each book. You can also wrap each book in a plastic to ensure they won’t get wet.

These tips will not only protect your books for the moving but these will help you have a less stressful moving even with your so many books.

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