How To Make It Easier For Your Kids To Leave Your Old Home

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  • Published on Wednesday, 18 November 2009
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For kids, leaving their old home can break their hearts. Who would not feel sad for leaving the memories, friends and some times even some things that would mean a lot to them? That is why as parents, it is important that you create activities that would help them get over the moving in and leaving the place they called “home” for some time.

To preserve the memories that they have for the old place, make sure you encourage them to create their own scrap book with all the photos of the people and places that they love. You can even keep a video of the whole place and your neighbours so that your kids can check on it when they feel like missing the old home.

You can also host a kid’s party before moving in so that your children would be able to bond with their friends for the last time. You can then hand out postcards with your new address in it. This would become handy when you reach your new home and you invite old friends of yours and of your kids to your new place for a housewarming or a barbeque party.

And since your kids would want to contact with old friends, make a budget allocation for phone calls should they want to maintain the ties with these old pals. Moving in is hard for adults and could become harder on the part of the kids. Make it easier for them to leave the old home but help them treasure memories and friends and start a new on the new place.

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