Is Moving Interstate the Right Move for You?

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  • Published on Thursday, 19 November 2009
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Sure it’s very exciting to get hired and have the opportunity to move to a different state. But before you jump the gun, take a minute to reflect on your situation first.

Don’t get blinded with the big salary being offered to you. If the taxes are high in that state, a large chunk of your salary could just go to taxes. If the cost of living is very high the remainder of your salary could even afford you less than what you can afford now.

Of course, if you think the quality of living is improved moving might also be a good idea too. But then consider what will happen if the company suddenly folds up and you find yourself out of a job. Would you be able to find another job in the same state quite easily? Always consider and be prepared for the worst case scenario.

If you have a family you should also check whether the school system of the state is very good. After all, the future of your children lies on their education.

The climate and weather conditions are, of course, an issue as well as it would affect the way you will be living in the following years. If you are used to the sun, would you and your family mind if you move to a state where the weather is always very cold. The place might even be frequently visited by natural disasters. You have to check these things before committing to the new job and making the decision to move. Take note that you are not only deciding for today but for the future of your family as well.

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