How to Maneuver Your Sofa Bed out of the House

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  • Published on Tuesday, 01 December 2009
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Traditional and older models of sofa beds are heavy and bulky.  That’s why you really need to prepare and plan how you are going to move it out for the move.

The Preparation Stage

You have to assess the kind of turns you need to do for the sofa bed to fit the door. Of course, you should clear out the way to make it easier on the loaders. On the other hand, you have to pack the sofa bed properly so it can be safe and easy to lift as well.

Take out the cushions and tie it to the pull out of the sofa. Tie the metal frame and the handle securely so no parts will slide or fall later. Make sure you pad the front of the sofa with used clothes to protect it from getting damaged by the rope. Pad the floor as well to protect the floor from any scratches and other damages.

Transportation of Your Sofa Bed

Again it can be heavy so at least 2 persons are required to lift it. The packed sofa bed is usually lifted and carried in a tilted position. This is the best way to narrow the size down for easier passage. Pass through the front door since it’s usually the biggest door in the house. At times you may need to remove the entire front door too. If the space is not enough see if you can remove the legs instead.

By protecting the sofa bed, clearing the path and planning how to do it you have better chances of transporting your sofa bed without any incident. 

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