Three Types Of Moving Services

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  • Published on Sunday, 06 December 2009
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Many people who move opt to get the service of a moving company to assist them in their move. However, it should be taken note that the relocation industry is generally designed to address the particular needs of their clients. There is a particular type of service that offers to do the entire moving tasks and a type of service that covers only a specific aspect of the move.

Depending on the needed level of assistance and allocated budget, individuals who plan to move can choose which among the three types of moving services are best for them to obtain:

1.    Full-Service Movers: This service covers the entire phase of the move—packing, loading, transporting unloading, unpacking and installing. Hence, this eliminates a great amount of stress, effort and time for people who will move.
2.    Self-Service Movers: This service covers only the driving of the moving vehicle. The client will be the one to do the packing, loading and unloading jobs. This is quite more difficult but this is also more inexpensive.
3.    Do-It-Yourself: As the name denotes, this service will let the client perform the entire moving job. Here, he will only be provided with a moving van. This is ideal if the client has friends or family relatives that are willing to help him in his move.

All of these services are all helpful depending on the need of the client. For the busy ones, they can freely get the full-service movers but for those who have several friends to help him complete his moving venture can opt to either Self-service movers or do-it-yourself. 

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