Tips To Move Your Pool Table

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  • Published on Tuesday, 08 December 2009
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Pool table can be moved either by disassembling the pieces or by using a dolly. Ease the task of moving the pool table with the help of following tips.
Moving the pool table by dismantling
* Disassemble the pool table
Remove the three pieces of the slate carefully without causing any damage. Number all the pieces correctly, to reassemble them perfectly.
* Move the pieces to the desired location
* Reassemble all the parts as numbered earlier.
If you are not confident at reassembling the pool table, do not dismantle it.
Moving the pool table as such
Moving the pool table as such is a strenuous task demanding special equipment such as dolly and help of four to five people to move even two to three feet apart. Initially, protect the edges, slate and the rails perfectly to prevent scratches and lose of perfect horizontal levelling. 
* Get the table on to the dolly by lowering the table on one side and getting the other side on to the dolly carefully. Make sure to lock the locking casters of the dolly to keep it in place without any movement.
* Repeat the same with the other side
* Move it to the desired position and slowly get the table off the dolly.
As can be seen, moving a pool table needs a good deal of expertise, patience and time. If you are not sure of moving the table, it is recommended to hire professional pool table movers.

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