DIY: Glass Storing

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  • Published on Thursday, 10 December 2009
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If you do not have enough money to hire trained professionals to store your fragile glass furniture and utensils, and chose to do the storing yourself, here are some useful and easy-to-follow tips that you can apply so that you can safely store your glasses before you move:

1. Separate the glass furniture from other ordinary furniture. Examples of this type of glass furniture are lamps, glass cups, mugs, plates, pots, etc. Label all of them. Put “FRAGILE” or something that means the same on their specific storage boxes.

2. Put a protective covering around each one of them before putting them in their respective storage boxes. For this purpose, you may use a newspaper and/or other thick used papers but of course you can also use unused papers - it's always advisable to go green and recycle though.

3. For double-safety, make sure to put crumpled papers or bubble sheets in between each covered glassware that you will be putting into a container. This will keep the glassware safe in the moving truck even if it starts to move.

4. Don't put heavy items on storage boxes that contain glassware.

5. If possible, let a person hold the storage boxes with glasses inside it when transferring from your old house to the new. Mobility sometimes increases the risk of glass damage.

Move methodically when carrying or doing the things written above. Attention to details is the key to a successful storing of glassware.

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