Take Care of Your Piano When Moving Houses

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  • Published on Friday, 11 December 2009
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Moving a piano has to be done with extreme care as not only is it heavy, it has an inner fragile and delicate mechanism. So here are tips to ensure a safe move with your piano.

1.  Pianos should be hauled across level surfaces on a wheeled platform called dolly whilst strapped to a piano board, and covered with blankets.

2.  Pianos will be carefully and slowly carried up and down stairs if the move is only for one floor. However if the piano has to be moved from or to higher floors, movers move the piano through a window using a crane.

3.  It is better to move your piano with other goods as it is not only cheaper, but delivery is also faster. If you move only your piano, it will not be shipped till the container carrying it to your destination gets full.

4.  In case of international moving, you also have to pay import duties where the sum is dependent on the value of your piano. However, the value differs in different countries.

5.  Remember that in international moving, the piano will not be sent to your house till you or someone on your behalf pays the duty. If you don't arrive at the port when the shipment arrives, the piano will be placed in a storage unit.

6.  Avoid placing pianos in storage units as the piano may get affected if the environment is not right. If you have to use a storage unit, ensure that it is big enough for the piano and preferably, unheated.

Last but not least, don't proceed with the move till your piano is rightly insured. It is better to take pictures of your piano before the move for proof if any damages occur in transit.

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