Guidelines for International Relocation

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  • Published on Saturday, 12 December 2009
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Whilst relocation itself is stressful, international relocation proves to be much more stressful. This is because you not only move to a new home, but to a new land with different cultures and languages. However with these tips, you find your international relocation to be much easier and smoother.

1.  It is obvious that you need the help of international movers for your international relocation. Choose a competent mover, charging reasonable rates and who has contacts in the country you are moving to.

2.  To start packing, you have to first sell, throw or give away things you will not require in your new country. This saves packing and unpacking time.

3.  You then have to plan how you pack. Things not used often should be packed first where similar size and weight items should be packed together. Make sure no box is too heavy to lift.

4.  Use strong and the right boxes with the right packing and wrapping materials to pack your belongings. Boxes should be taped both on its' top and bottom and crumpled paper or bubble wrap be used to pack items.

5.  Label the boxes based on the rooms they have to be delivered to in the new house. Make sure you clearly mark fragile things, with arrows indicating upright position. Boxes with essential items like cooking utensils, linens and toiletries should also be marked for easy unloading. 

6.  Make sure all your items are listed in the mover's inventory, and check it on arrival to ensure that nothing was damaged or stolen in the move.  You also have to take photos of your items before the move to prove they were intact before the move. This will help in making insurance claims, if necessary.

This done, your international relocation process is less stressful and easier.

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